Raw Is….Smackdown Best Bring It

I’m not pulling punches, I don’t care if Raw was coming to us live from Pittsburgh.   I mean, it’s got to be an okay sports town, right?


So, again, Jeremy is taking over as our Raw chieftain as of Labor day.  So here we go.

Opening: Whatever that Steph theme song is

So Foley was out with Steph to open the show, and they made a few matches.  Unfortunately, 4 matches may be the script for Raw for the time being, but these matches were amazing.

Fatal Four Way – Balor, Cesaro, KO, Rusev


This match is the first match that I will say on this site is a Match of the Year contender.  This was like 4 of my absolute favorites all at once.

What should be pointed out, beyond the fact that Balor won, is that Rusev and KO work really well together.  Future Tag Champs?

Anyway, we watch this match go all ways, but Finn capitalizes on two of four being outside the ring recouping and hits the Coup De Gras for the win.



I’m so glad that the archives for NXT reflect the future, but inevitably, Sasha hit the backstabber and a banks statement on Charlotte and now she’s the new WWE Women’s Champ.

That other fatal four way

So, I didn’t imagine it matter, after the Finn Balor win, who won this, but we got Sheamus, Roman, Jericho and Sami Zayn in this one.

I was sort of rooting for a Jericho win.  If you’ve been following us for any length of time, you know how much I appreciate him.  He’s been stable for 2 decades.

If not Jericho, I was pulling for Sami..

But in line with everything WWE, we got this as the winner….


So the two fatal four ways come down to one on one



Well how the hell do you pick between these two???  Oh yeah, one of them is coming off a suspension.  So guess what, another Coup De Gras.  Finn Balor has a match with Rollins at Summerslam that is going to be amazing.