The Dark Match Brand Split


You didn’t think we were just going to let them split brands without following suit did you?

In line with the upcoming WWE Draft, The Dark Match is splitting brands as well.  In the coming months, we are going to transition into new roles.  Smackdown moving to Tuesday is going to create a conflict for Jeremy as of the Labor Day week edition of the broadcast (September 6), so as of Labor Day we’re trading places.  I will transition into the role of Smackdown representative and Jeremy will take over the flagship Raw broadcast (which is more convenient for him on the West Coast anyway, as he doesn’t have to stay up until 11:15 just to get through the show.  I’m too old for that stuff.)

Later today, our Mock Draft Podcast will go live.  Jeremy went sans GM for his Raw selections while I brought in Daisy to attempt to keep me from doing anything stupid.  Somehow I still ended up with Eva Marie, so that’ll tell you how that went.  She also quit twice during the broadcast on account of selections she didn’t exactly agree with.  I will admit that some of our picks are a touch ridiculous, as my Smackdown would feature The New Age Outlaws and Raw is now the proud home for Hall of Famer Vader.  But we had a lot of fun with it, since it was essentially just a fantasy draft anyway, we’ve got TNA, Lucha Underground and other random wrestlers that aren’t even part of the company coming in as part of our draft board.

If you aren’t subscribed on either Google Play or iTunes, no better time than the present.  The “pahdcahsts” are good stuff, and aren’t typically this silly.

We’re also going to be launching an array of new content here on the site, as I’m reaching out to bring in new, talented writers to cover various other shows, including NXT, TNA, Lucha Underground, and the Cruiserweight Classic, as well as a rotating roster of guest writers for the Getting to Know the Indies section of the site.  I am also working out the final details of a brand new segment that should start August 1 and will be something completely different than any of the material we are already presenting on the site.

Lots of exciting new content coming your way between now and the first of the year, and The Dark Match road trip will come to you live this November as the team heads to the blustery colds of Canada to attend Survivor Series live in Toronto just before Thanksgiving.

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