The Dark Match is joining the PG(13) Era

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No, I’m not going to clean up my act entirely because I like bad words and beer, but it has been brought to my attention that a younger audience may want to listen to the podcast (namely my niece and nephew).  If someone else had sent me a Twitter message and told me to clean up the Podcast for the sake of a kid, I’d have gone full Deadpool on them and told them to eat a dick, but for these two, I’ll do just about anything.

The Dark Match print content will remain exactly the same.  I don’t expect them to spend a lot of time reading digital content when there is a sea of Minecraft videos on YouTube to explore (Also, find CarterPlays on YouTube and follow him.  It’s silly, but the kid is adorable and he loves this crap.  CarterPlays.)  I don’t expect him to send his viewers my way, but that’s probably for the best.

What this will change for our adult audience…we will either do one of two things.  Going forward, there will either be two versions of the podcast (the family friendly and the otherwise uncensored) or we will just go forward with a cleaner version and when I inevitably drop F bombs during the cast we will just go back through and do ring bells or some other stupid wrestling related noise over top of it.

I’ll see you this evening for the Raw recap and tomorrow at some point we are recording our first clean(ish) podcast.  I may even do a kid friendly video/podcast next weekend, as I am taking the little ones to the NXT Cocoa Beach Armory show (please let Mojo be at this one).