Asking the tough questions


Here at The Dark Match, we pride ourselves on a number of things.  While we have a great deal of fun every now and again, we attempt to maintain at least some sense of professionalism to our content and our page in order to keep it both entertaining and somewhat family friendly.  We aim to be informative, while really just marking out with our ridiculous fanfare.  I mean, let’s face it, we’re a pair of 30-somethings that just decided we love wrestling again a little over a year ago, so we’re not exactly the most sound minds in the business.

But I’ve just got to ask, why in the hell is the only still image that WWE ever uses of Brock Lesnar one that they snapped of him while he was attempting to work out a meaty, fiber filled dump?  I mean, Orton looks like he’s posing for a fitness magazine or something.  Why is he standing opposite a man taking the most uncomfortable shit that’s ever been taken?