Getting to Know the Indies – Chris Hero


A number of you may remember Chris Hero, who wrestled briefly with FCW and NXT as Kassius Ohno from 2011-2013, and he’s really been around, having been professionally wrestling on the Indy circuit since 2000, and working with TNA in 2003 and Ring of Honor off and on between 2005 and 2014.


I wasn’t really aware of him, as I, like a lot of you, only really have time to watch the hundred hours of WWE stuff each week, but I was fortunate enough to catch an hour long match where Hero and indy darling Zack Sabre Jr. basically just kicked each other in the face at the Mercury Rising event in Dallas the day before Mania, and let me tell you, he’s awesome.

As if the clips I’ll post below aren’t going to be awesome enough, Chris Hero (real name Chris Spradlin) wrestled in a charity event in June of 2015 for ALS Canada in an “infinity gauntlet” match, wherein he wrestled for 3 straight hours and completed 17 different matches.  As part of the match, Hero pledged to wrestle for 30 minutes for every $500 donated to the event, generating more than $3,000 by the time he was finally finished with the cardio clinic.

Here he is in a 25 minute match with Lucha Underground favorite Pentagon Jr.

An EVOVLE mini documentary about Hero which helps show he’s pretty f’n great.

And this a pretty good compilation of Hero just doing cool shit.  It’s like 15 minutes long, but it’s well worth giving a glance.

So basically, Hero is awesome, and if you ever see that he’s on an Indy card anywhere near where you live, go to the event, he will not disappoint.