Check out this possible leaked document of the WWE brand-split PPV schedule

On Twitter today, someone leaked a potential PPV schedule for the rest of 2016.  This indicated what Meltzer speculated: we will have two PPVs per month, except for the months where the big four occur.

Potential Leaked WWE PPV Schedule

I’m not a big fan of this, mainly because I think it’s going to become over saturated and de-value the TV product.  And TV ratings is primarily the reason why they’re doing the brand-split in the first place.

It didn’t work out the first time around because of the PPV model.  It was simply two expensive to watch all the PPVs.  With the network, that’s clearly not an issue.  But how many hours of WWE can you really watch each week?

One thing I think will change is the big four.  Money in the Bank has consistently been a bigger draw year-after-year than the Survivor Series.  I expect that Money In The Bank will be a joint PPV for the two brands next year and SS will be demoted to a Raw PPV.  They might move the months too.