Biloxi Mississippi Brawl: A Smackdown recap in Haiku

Since I’m pulling double-duty this week and because, at least for another month, Smackdown is a B-Show, I’m going to do something a little different.

We open with the Highlight reel.

Just drink it in, man!
One Guest invited, Five show
Main Event Tag Match

We need to bring back Ralphus.

We need to bring back Ralphus.

Fatal Four-way: Kofi Kingston Vs. Big Cass Vs. Luke Gallows Vs. Aiden English

Let’s divide tag match
Use one member from each team
Stop it, creative.

Kofi pins Aiden English after hitting the Trouble in Paradise for the win.

Zack Ryder Vs. Baron Corbin

How far Ryder fell
Champion for one moment
Still I Woo Woo Woo

Squash match ending with an End of Days with Corbin getting the pin

Rusev Vs. Kalisto

Never really starts
Kalisto, Cara, Titus
I hope Rusev Crush!

Rusev catches Kalisto during his entrance.  Sin Cara and Titus attempt to save Rusev and Rusev gets a small beating.

Make Darren Young Great Again Promo

Make these promos stop
Bob’s a national treasure
Darren just bores me

Charlotte versus Natalya

We’ve seen this before
Cool Powerbomb, Natalya
Distracted again?

Charlotte throws the Women’s title at Nattie’s feet and implies that she was trying to steal it.  Shades of Eddie Guerrero.  Match ends with a Figure Eight tap out.

Xavier Woods Vs. AJ Styles

Doctor AJ here
Has PhD in winning
So says Renallo.

This match sounds weird on paper but was really solid.

AJ traps Xavier in a Calf Crusher for the submission.

Main Event

Cesaro, Zayn, and Ambrose Vs. Owens, Jericho, and Del Rio

Is this a team match?
It’s every man for himself.
Escalates quickly.

It wouldn’t be Smackdown without a tag team main event.

Dirty Deeds on Kevin Owens for the pin and victory.

I hope you enjoyed something different this week!