Smackdown Recap Issues

I’ll be honest, I actually watched Smackdown last week but I wasn’t in the best mental state.  I didn’t really recall any of it.

I’m breaking kayfabe here:  Matt and I don’t actually do this full time.  Shocking, I know.  We have other jobs.  Speaking of those other jobs, I had a near disaster at my work (I’m a video editor) where we almost lost both copies of an entire project, a whole feature film.  I wasn’t in the best shape to talk about Sports Entertainment last Thursday.  Good news though, the film was narrowly saved.  I’m back to normal.

Matt is in Australia these next two weeks and I’m covering Raw during that time.  I’m not entirely sure if I’ll be doing a full recap of SD during that time.  We will see.

If you only go to our website for wrestling news, here’s a WWE-produced top 10 video from last Thursday to keep you updated: