The Dark Match Crowdsources: Getting to Know the Indies


Image swiped from Google Images. If it is yours, please don’t sue us. We definitely don’t make any money doing this.

In our newest series, Getting to Know the Indies, The Dark Match will scour the vast recesses of the internet to bring you highlights from the careers of some of the best and brightest the wrestling world has to offer outside of the WWEs and TNAs of the world.  But we need your help.

Who would you like to see highlighted?  I will likely start with Chris Hero, just because I’ve watched a number of his matches recently following his incredible hour long slugfest with ZSJ at the Mercury Rising show in Dallas and I’ve become more familiar with him.  So who do you want to see given their rightful credit on the biggest stage of the IWC (yes, I’m greatly exaggerating)?

Let me know in the comments below.  Feel free to link to something impressive to get the ball rolling on your candidate faster.