Ric Flair’s Tears Cure Diseases

I haven’t done a good speculation post in a while, so why not just be completely random with it.

Monday night during Raw, we saw something utterly disturbing.  Unlike when Shawn Michaels cried as he pinned his hero to end his wrestling career, Ric Flair cried Monday night in a segment that seemed like he was completely taken by surprise.

Charlotte went on what seemed like a 9 hour rampage about how he was never around and how he was never there for her.  That’s funny, I wonder if she feels that way when she cashes that Main Roster paycheck?

Needless to say, Natch was upset.


I really can’t think of anything that makes me sadder than watching an old man cry.  Ok, maybe when old men get drunk and bust their heads open in airports, but it’s been a really emotion ride for me these past few weeks with Papa Flair.

So let’s get to the speculation.  No, I don’t think Flair has anything in common with Chuck Norris, I would actually take Flair in that fight.  His tears don’t actually cure diseases.

I think that, considering insider news today that “WWE is working on keeping Ric Flair on screen in a different capacity”, Ric Flair is going to take Sasha “under his wings” as it were.  Sasha isn’t a face.  I’m sorry.  I want it to work, but it never will.  The Boss can’t be a good guy.  That gimmick alone shits all over that idea.

I think, especially considering this whole recent endeavor to have Bret at ringside for Natalya, Sasha will have a trusty veteran as part of the storyline that catapults her into a main event match for the WOMEN’S TITLE at Summerslam.

And let me go ahead and tell you, I can’t wait for this.  It would be sweet, sweet, sweet gloriousness to watch Sasha Banks submit Charlotte to the Figure 4.

Just picture it.  Then picture this with a title belt: