Jeremy’s Top 5 of the week – April 16 Edition

In my first weekly top five, I’m really surprised I have two matches on this list from WWE’s C Shows (Main Event and Superstars).  I don’t even know who I am anymore.

Honorable Mention:  Natalya Vs. Charlotte for the Women’s Championship on RAW

Nattie put on a stellar performance in this one.  I thought it was even better than the Roadblock match.  I finish was wonky.  If they pulled off the ending better, it might have been further up my list.

#5 – Kevin Owens Vs. Dolph Ziggler on Main Event

I watched this match, and Main Event, solely because of this tweet.  I love Owens’ banter in the ring .  He’s doing a bit here.  I feel like the whole reason this match is on Main Event is because he wanted to troll everyone.  Well done, Owens, well done.  Ziggler put on a good performance too, but he’s just playing the straight man to Owens’ bizarre bit.  I love it Maggle!

#4. The Steve Austin Show and The Steve Austin Show Unleashed – Enzo and Cass

Austin marks out hard for Enzo and Cass and every minute of it is gold.  The best part may be Big Cass singing “Sherry” at the end of the episode on April 12.  Catch the first episode and then the second episode.  If I had a dime for every minute I didn’t enjoy…I’d have ZERO DIMES!

#3.  Tyler Breeze Vs. Dolph Ziggler on Superstars

I know this is the first edition but I’m super surprised that I’m suggesting you watch Main Event and Superstars this week.  Ok.  That’s not entirely true.  I’m just suggesting that you watch the two matches I’m recommending.

I love Breeze’s work in this one.  He has good chemistry that he has with Ziggler.  I love his defense against Ziggler’s baseball slide.

Hopefully Breeze can make his way up to a solid midcard position.  There is a Sandow match on Superstars…but he jobs to the Ryback.

#2. Kevin Owens Vs. Cesaro on RAW

Ziggler and Owens are the workhorses on this week’s Top 5.  They both appear twice on my list.  What I loved about this match is how long they let this go.  Owens was in a rage and he was fully committed in the ring.  I also liked the Cesaro kayfabed injury with his weak shoulder.  There could have been a bit of a shoot here but it was a great way to take advantage of the IWC.

#1. Sami Zayn Vs. AJ Styles on RAW

It’s amazing how fast both these dudes made it into the main event.  I kind of expected both AJ and Sami to be in mid-card purgatory for a least a couple of months.  But no, Styles is a more-than-credible opponent for the WHC and Zayn has his blood feud with Owens.  Zayn has turned in some amazing performances in the last month.  I really can’t believe how good he is.

There were a lot of great sequences in this one.  Zayn did take a strange bump that I happened to record.

This is another match I was surprised how long it went and that we got a clean finish.  I think this is the first time a wrestler got ejected from RAW and STAYED GONE.  The Authority needs to use Shane’s security company.

If Shane O’Mac means great wrestling matches like the this on RAW, I hope he never leaves.