This week’s completely speculative post

I have nothing to go on here, I really don’t, other than wishful thinking and delayed gratification on the signings of Anderson and Gallows and the pretty heavily speculated call up of Balor in the weekend of Wrestlemania that never seemed to play out.

Here’s where I’m going to flip the script with rampant speculation:  Welcome Bulletproof Balor Club at Extreme Rules or sooner.


I realize that’s a 6 week window, so why is this now my speculative assessment?  AJ Styles has a title shot at some point in the coming weeks or at Extreme Rules.  Considering AJ was the head of the BC following the departures of both Devitt and Anderson for other opportunities, would this not be the best time to bring them out and let their reign of terror begin?  I’d take Balor Club V Roman Empire/League of Nations/the Entire Roster.

That’s where I see this going.  What do you think?  They just need to know that after the Enzo and Cass debut they better be coming heavy with this one.