First Smackdown on the Road to Wrestlemania 2017!

Welcome to my GIF-filled, stream-of-conciousness Smackdown recap!

Opening with Roman.  The Houston crowd is confused.  Definitely a more split crowd than Dallas.  There’s lots of proud citizens of the Roman Empire here.  I guess they don’t live in Dallas.

Oh man, Roman is going with that “I’m not a bad guy…” catchphrase.  I like smug Roman more than anything else I’ve seen…and he’s going against AJ Styles, a white hot babyface.  AJ facilitates the full blown heel turn?

AJ’s out for a handshake promo.  That hat is sweet.  The promo is ok.

The Vaudevillains

The Vaudvillians!  It seems the crowd is lukewarm.  I hope they translate.  Mauro is killing it, like always, hyping them up.  I wish Byron could tag in Graves for this.  I think it would be more beneficial.

Victorian marital arts?   Mauro is killing it.  Sherlock Holmes reference?  How much are you paying him because it’s not enough.  I wish you could have Damian Holmesdow accompanying them.

Damien Sandow as Sherlock Holmes

Vaudevillans vanquish the Lucha Dragons with the whirling dirvish.  Interesting that Kalisto ate the pin.  It wasn’t as strong a debut as Enzo and Cass but hopefully good enough to put them in a better spot than the Ascension.

Summer Rae Vs. Nattie.  Am I the only one that gets slightly uncomfortable about all the skin that Nattie shows?  Charlotte and Ric on commentary?  I’m sure nothing is going to happen with that.  Cool camera move on Nattie’s entrance.  Not a bad worked match from Summer Rae.  I’m kind of surprised.  I loved Nattie’s eyes locking with Charlotte as she finally applied the Sharpshooter.  I’m surprised that there was no interference or funny business there.

Welcome to my house.  The theme song of Netflix and chill.

Raw Rebound time.  Really dramatic piano music.  I like this recap editors.  Good job.  I can’t believe AJ is getting a shot at the title so soon into his WWE tenure.  Wait, a tag match with the same guys from RAW?

Woo Woo Woo!  You Know It!

Maryse has a promo?  What’s happening?  Whoa she’s legit French Canadian.  She makes Miz probably the ultimate heel in the company.  He was almost already there on his own merits.  They have a good chemistry in the ring.  I also like that they actually have something decent for the Miz and for Ryder.  Ryder has a sweet beard.  Great suplex reversal into a neckbreaker that Ryder pulled off.  “Long Island Iced Z”?  Looking for the broski boot.  Ha!  Ryder is so strange.

Side note, what’s Mojo doing right now?

The Elbro drop?

Wait.  Why did Maryse remove the bottom turnbuckle on the other side?  I’m confused.  Why would Ryder get distracted by that?  I don’t get it.

Another Apollo Crews match.  Oh.  It looks like he’s going to squash a Social Outcast.  Apollo Crews, a nice guy who has fun in the ring.  I think that’s his whole gimmick.  He’s fun to watch though.  Time to take on the Axe man.

AXEL WINS!!!!!!!!!

Just kidding.  Not only does Crews take out Axel, but he pretty much squashes all the Social Outcasts.

Ambrose is up next.  I wonder if he addresses the Brock match?  Probably not because Brock won’t be around for months.

A Corbin promo first.  Please talk about destroying legends.  Michele just said that he’s an ugly Roman Reigns.  I can see that.

Damn.  Becky’s eye looks rough.  I’d like to see Joe and Becky pose together with their similar injury.  I love Becky so much.  She’s the most over pure babyface in the company.  Sasha is a tweener.  Oh Emma interrupts.  I’m excited about this feud.

Whoa.  Two full Tyler Breeze entrances in one week.  He’s probably going to get squashed but that’s still impressive.  Yep.  Lunatic Lariat and Dirty Deeds for the win.  Wait…now sad dad Jericho is interrupting Ambrose’s celebration?

Dr. Phil better be there on Monday to mediate between Vince and Shane.

The Golden Truth is going to be in LA on Monday.  Are they going to finally payoff the tag team?

Cesaro in another tear away suit!  Yes!  Jericho’s GOAT tights have to be a dig at Punk fans.

Keaunu trailer.  I’m so excited about this movie!

Cesaro Uppercut train!  Man, I’ve missed the corner uppercuts and this thing.

What a good match!  Sami and Kevin are incapable of not punching each other in the face.


A solid and fun Smackdown.  I thought the Vaudevillians had a good debut but were eclipsed a bit by Enzo and Cass earlier on RAW.  We will have to see where that ends up.  It looks like we might have a Ambrose Vs. Jericho match on the horizon.  The main event was a lot of fun even if it just was the same as Monday in a different match type with no consequence.