Welcome to The Dark Match

While the early building blocks for The Dark Match will primarily be a posting ground for The Dark Match with Matt and Jeremy podcasts, the goal is to make The Dark Match your one stop for all things WWE….well, your second stop.  I suppose you’d have to stop at WWE first to know what the hell we’re talking about most of the time, then again you’re always more than welcome to come chime in with horrendously misinformed takes about pretty much whatever you want.  From experience, though, wrestling boards are often highly unfriendly places for trolls so walk that path at your own potential peril.

For all of its ridiculousness and its tendency to leave even the least invested of us rather irate, it’s something that we love, so we’ve come together to bring you a ton of things.  From show recaps and reactions to the array of rumors we pick up from around the world of Pro-Wrestling’s bustling internet community, to what we are hoping will be a wildly enjoyable podcast (especially the ones we record late on Sunday’s post PPV and I’ve been drinking throughout the show).  We’ll do periscope feeds from live events we’re able to attend, beginning with the Showcase of the Immortals in Dallas, Texas: Wrestlemania 32.  Wrestlemania weekend is likely to bring a slew of content to the site, as we’ll be in attendance for NXT TakeOver: Dallas, the Kevin Nash Shenanigans VIP Party, the Mercury Rising event featuring legends like Terry Funk, ManiaCrawl benefitting Connor’s Cure on Sunday morning (yes, a pub crawl before Wrestlemania), and finally the mother of them all.

So bookmark us, join in the conversations, as we get going you will undoubtedly help us dictate the directions we take with the page.